Small Business Challenges

  • Getting Customers

    From online shopping to increased competition, consumers have become extremely demanding. Out-classing your competition is the way to win more sales. You can do this by creating a unique memorable shopping experience.

  • Keeping Customers

    In today's marketplace, retailers face bigger challenges than ever before. Consumers can make or break your reputation with social media posts. This is why it is critical to provide the best service possible in your market.

  • Maintaining Profitability

    Profitability is affected not just by increased cost of goods but also by inefficiencies. Keeping track of key financial ratios as well as ratios to measure your sales team's performance is critical to your success.

What You Get

  • 01
    Getting Started: Your Road Map to Business Success
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  • 02
    1st Stop: Setting Yourself Up For Success
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  • 03
    2nd Stop: Getting It Right (the first time)
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    • Traits & Profile of Ideal Customer
    • Ideal Customer Traits and Profile
    • Get your customers from Pain to Glory
    • Get your Customers from Pain to Glory
    • The Perfect Offer
    • The Perfect Offer
    • 2nd Stop Assessement
  • 04
    3rd Stop: Memorable Shopping Experience
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    • Ultimate Shopping Experience Workbook
    • Ultimate Shopping Experience
    • Store/Office Assessment
    • 3-Things to Improve First Impressions
  • 05
    4th Stop: Get More Online Traffic
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  • 06
    5th Stop: Website Essentials
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    • Website Essentials
    • Your Website checklist download
  • 07
    6th Stop: Social Networks
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    • How social networks fit into your SEO strategy
    • Facebook Essentials
    • Facebook Posting and Advertising
    • Content Management
    • Assessment
  • 08
    7th Stop: Keywords and Analytics
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    • Keyword planner
    • Google Analytics
  • 09
    8th Stop: Sales Training
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    • Selling with Flair Workbook
    • Sales System That Works!
    • Your Sales Approach
    • 5-Question Set to Closing
    • FR-5-Questions To Closing
  • 10
    9th Stop: Follow-Up For More Sales
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    • Follow Up Stystem Workbook
    • Follow Up Survey
    • 4 Follow Up Funnels
    • Now that you know,, will you?
  • 11
    10th Stop: Pursuit of Excellence - Time Management
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    • Pursuit of Excellence Time MGT Workbook
    • Earn a P.H.D. in Time Management
    • Identify time wasters Worksheet
    • I am finding more time
    • Time Management Worksheet
  • 12
    Conclusion-Success Strategy for Long Term Growth
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    • Success Strategy for Small Business Workbook
    • Success Strategy for Small Businesses
  • 13
    Hot Tips & Hacks from Your Coaches
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  • 14
    Where do you stand now?
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    • Wrap Up
    • Great Job!

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